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Spend Time Away From Screens

You might be wondering what screens has to do with honouring your templeā€¦ and yes, it does sound a little odd. But, I believe that spending some time rejuvenating from the blue glow of our devices honours our temples because we need care and maintenance, without the influence of our devices.

Turn off your device for a good 10 to 20 mins to start. And rather than mindlessly scrolling through socials, try reading or painting. When I spend time away from my device, I like to journal, read my Bible, organize, pray, listen to worship, or spend time with my furry friend.

We should choose to spend time with the Lord over our devices. While that can be quite challenging, our souls and temples need it. We need our Father and the joy and strength he blesses us with each day.

And the bible verse to go with this is:

We need to be aware that we may be focusing on the wrong idols in our hearts. Spending time away from screens and focusing on God or other holy things reminds our hearts of who should be in our hearts.

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